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Evolution is accepting new referrals, Assessments available with less than 2 week waiting time.

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Evolution is happy to accept GP referrals, medical letters, company/insurer referral forms as an alternative to our own referral form.  Fax to: (07) 3337 9728


QLD Transport Medical Certificate for Motor Vehicle Driver (Form F3712) is available for download here.

Fee Structure:

Where available, Medicare, Private Health Insurance or DVA rebates may be possible.  Please check with your therapist and your health fund.

(Fees listed below are indicative of costs, and actual charges may be dependent on each client’s needs and reporting requirements)

Assessment Type


Indicated Costs

(inc GST, valid until 31 June 2014)

Standard Driving Assessment Standard two part driving assessment, including report and medical certificate details $395.00 (Driving Instructor fees and travel out of rooms may be additional)
Comprehensive Driving Assessment Comprehensive two-part driving assessment, including brief medico-legal or insurer report $756.00 (Or fees as per table of costs)
CarFit®” Checkup A 30 minute consultation looking at fitness to drive, giving indications to the GP/Doctor, and suggesting if a full driving assessment is required. $98.00
Re-Assessment of Driving Capacity Review of driver capacity following remediation or other treatment, if recommended after initial driving assessment $215.00
Driver remediation and retraining Sessions with driving instructor $75.00 to $110.00 per hour, depending on location and type of vehicle.  Commercial vehicles extra, contact for details.
Driving Cessation Counselling Counselling and practical preparation for the process of stopping driving, often incorporating travel training. Revised pricing structure pending
Vehicle Equipment Prescription Supply of vehicle modifications or aids for drivers and/or passengers, including Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme (VOSS). Up to $800.00 is funded by QLD Health – MASS.  Most clients will be able to access the service with no out of pocket expense, dependent on complexity of modifications and necissary consultation time.  Fees outside of VOSS subsidy are $118.00 per hour.
All invoices will include Medicare or private health insurance claiming details where rebate is possible. Medicare rebate is subject to client presenting EPC form (Please call and discuss)
Injury Management Consultancy Insurer directed occupational rehabilitation and CTP / MAIC services, including initial rehabilitation needs assessments, host placement programs Fees based on relevant table of costs
Medicare / DVA Services Rehabilitation for the elderly and veterans affairs clients Fees based on relevant table of costs
Allied Health Professional Services Associated consultancy and health services, including Occupational Therapy, a Physiotherapist, an Audiologist, Psychology services and a Speech and Language Therapist POA (variable by profession)


Should you wish to pay via credit card, our payment gateway terms and conditions can be found here: Terms and Conditions


Evolution Occupational Therapy: Terms & Conditions

We at Evolution Occupational Therapy are dedicated to providing every patient with the highest standard of service. Please find listed below the pertinent terms and policies consistent with such standards within our practice.  Please understand that our policies aim to allow equality of service to all patients and it is not our intention to exclude anybody from being able to access our services. If any of the policy wordings needs further explanation, please feel free to discuss this with our office administration.

Disclaimer: Please note we reserve the right to change, add or remove any conditions in the stated policies as we feel necessary and appropriate or as impacted by associated regulatory bodies, to enable the most efficient and professional administration in our practice.


1.       Service Delivery and Outcomes

1.1.    Evolution Occupational Therapy provides consulting and treatment services across a range of areas including Specialist Occupational Therapy ( OT ) Driving Assessments and comprehensive Rehabilitation Services to the public and commercial sectors, vehicle modification consulting, Workcover and Insurer Services, training for people with mobility limitations, injury management consultancy, Ergonomic Assessments, access and DDA consultancy/ modifications, disability and aged care services (e.g. DVA) and Medicare Enhanced Primary Care services.

1.2.    We aim to provide services quickly and easily.  We may complete assessments from our offices, or from your home address or workplace.  We do maintain a short waiting list of two to three weeks, however appointments may be available more quickly on occasions.

1.3.    Where a report or letter is to be supplied following a consultation, we aim to complete this report within 10 working days from the consultation.  This report may be delayed by requirements for additional information, test results, quotations from equipment suppliers or third parties.

1.4.    As a health and consulting service, we can not guarantee any specific health or fitness result.  Our primary therapeutic goals are to support an individual’s safety, independence and mobility.  Any recommendations are based on clinical or medical evidence, standard protocols and professional guidelines, scheme rules or relevant legislation.  There will be cases when the therapist has to provide an opinion or recommendation that the client does not agree with or does not understand, for example when a driver is found to be unfit to drive.

1.5.    For Driver Assessment Services; The therapist is solely providing a recommendation of fitness to drive, according to the relevant criteria.  The report and recommendations are a summary of the observed capacity at the time of assessment.  Given the varied environmental and road conditions, plus the actions of the client and other road patrons,  no assurance can be given or implied that the client will be collision free given an assessment report.  Queensland Transport (QT) is the only authoritative body that can make any decision on the validity of a driver licence.  The Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995, s142 provides indemnity against liability, both civilly or under an administrative process, for health professionals who give information in good faith to QT about a person’s medical fitness to hold, or to continue to hold, a Queensland driver licence.

1.6     During an assessment, the therapist and driving instructor may utilise technology such as a tablet computer; digital photography and video recording devices; dash camera; vehicle mounded camera; GoPro type device; OBD2 or OBDII scan tool.  This data will be collected expressly for the purpose of high quality assessment and to assist with clinical decision making.  In most circumstances, the data will not be retained or recorded, only viewed by the OT/instructor on a live feed during the assessment.  Images and footage, if recorded/stored, will be held in accordance with Section 2: Data Protection below.


2.       Data Protection

2.1.    Evolution Occupational Therapy is compliant with the The Privacy Act 1988 and does not share client’s personal, financial or medical information with any third parties without the expressed permission of the client. Evolution Occupational Therapy adopts assurance protocols in accordance with the clinical guidelines as are specified with the Australian Occupational Therapy Association.

2.2.    Your personal information held by us or our consultants, contractors or agents in various places (including in places outside of Australia) including on a database (depending on your form of contact with us) may include:

  • 2.2.1. Information submitted by you as part of any examination or assessment process such as your legal name, or known name, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, contact or postal address, licence details and other identification documents
  • 2.2.2. Details on your use of our service
  • 2.2.3. Medical and Health information provided by you, or provided by your referring health professional
  • 2.2.4.  Photographs or Videos taken during your assessment

3.       Referrals

3.1.    Private fee paying clients can access our health services without a referral, whether medical (General Practitioner, Neurologist, Geriatrician, Orthopaedic surgeon) or other source. If a referral has been provided, please ensure this is provided to the treating health practitioner before the consultation, or at the time of consultation, to assist in the continuity of care.

3.2.    Clients who are eligible for Compulsory Third Party (CTP) or Workcover funding must provide a medical referral for OT services, as part of their claims process.   There are certain other conditions that must be met before bulk billing can be arranged.

3.3.    For driver assessments or driver modification services, clients will need to present a current driver’s licence and current medical certificate stating clearance to drive.  Failure to hold and supply one or both of the essential documents may mean that the appointment cannot proceed, and cancellation fees may be applicable, payable by the client.


4.       Billing & Accounts

4.1.    It is expected that all fees are paid at the time of consultation.

4.2.    Our fees are charged as consulting and treatment fees.  We do not operate on a fee for outcome basis.

4.3.    We accept cash, cheques, Direct Bank Transfer or Deposit, PayPal and Credit cards (via the EWay Gateway).  Payment surcharges of 3% may be applicable to payments made via PayPal or Credit Card.

4.4.    If you have private health insurance, rebates may be available via your health fund.  Evolution Occupational Therapy does not offer immediate claims via Hicaps, we request that you provide full payment, and then we will supply you with a receipt which can be lodged with your health fund for rebate.

4.5.    Outcome reports or communication to your referring doctor may not be released till your consultation fees have been paid.

4.6.    Failure to render full payment within these terms will result in your account being referred to our debt collecting agency. Any additional costs incurred will be added to your account.

4.7.    With respect to Insurance, Workcover, CTP, Commonwealth or State Funding Schemes, or other cases where the invoice is being sent to a third party, the individual client will always be ultimately responsible for payment of all accounts, in the event the involved Insurer or third party does not accept financial liability for our Occupational Therapy services provided.


5.       Cancellation Policy

5.1.    At Evolution Occupational Therapy we aim to provide a professional service at a time that is most suitable to you.   All appointments are scheduled with advance notice, and often require booking of additional equipment, driving instructors or vehicles.  We understand that occasionally, something suddenly comes up and you may have to cancel at the last minute.  So that we can continue to provide a timely service, Evolution Occupational Therapy has a CANCELLATION POLICY.

5.2.    A cancellation fee of $ 87.00 is payable if less than 24hrs notice is given on appointment cancellations.   To avoid this fee, we do try to confirm most appointments on the day before.   All attempts will be made by the practice to fill the gap appointment but in the event that this fails the cancellation charge will be applied.  Additionally, Driving Instructors that are booked for on-road assessments may also apply a separate fee between $35.00 and $150.00.  We greatly appreciate your support and understanding of our policy and value your questions should you have any.


6.       Refund Policy

6.1     If you change your mind about purchasing a service for any reason, Evolution Occupational Therapy will honour your decision as long as you request a cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the time of service delivery.   Refunds for clinical services are generally not provided after the service has been delivered.  We may consider a partial or full refund when the service has not been provided according to relevant QLD Transport, OT Australia and/or AHPRA standards.

6.2     To request a refund, please email Refunds for services will be provided via direct deposit and will be issued within 30 days of receipt of your enquiry.

For further information please contact Evolution Occupational Therapy on (07) 3103 3561

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